Why Choose Characterise Renovations?

Your time is precious so we will keep this succinct. Simply put, there are five great reasons why you should choose Characterise Renovations for your next project.

  1. Renovation Specialists

    Building is  cyclical with regular peaks and troughs.  When a trough comes along and commercial building work dries up everybody tries their hand in the renovation market - until the next building boom.  Other companies try to do everything from decks to new builds to renovations and commercial.  There is a big difference between building concrete and steel high rises and working through the finer points of blending a new alteration within a character home.  We are passionate about renovations - it is all we have done for the past 15 years.  Your project is as unique as you are, but with our experience it is likely we have come across the same challenges before and can offer the best solutions.

  2. End to end solution

    If you are new to renovating, or are limited on time, it can be difficult to get started on your renovation.  Our Ideas to Action consultation is designed to get your project underway, by exchanging ideas on site, discussing costs and planning the way forward.  This is the starting point, and we cover every point in between including  architectural design and full project management.  For more on how our processes work see our Services.

  3. Time savers

    We have built up a great network of trusted professionals we can recommend as part of your project - from interior designers to kitchen designers, wardrobe specialists and more.  You can work with these contacts or if you prefer work with your own - the choice is yours.


  4. Qualified & licensed

    Our site managers are Licensed Builder Practitioners (LBP's)  and members of Certified Builders New Zealand.  Our builders are qualified builders and our apprentice is currently completing his practical and theory components of his apprenticeship.   Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that not only are the builders working on your project qualified, they are also renovation specialists - not fresh from a high rise. 

  5. Whole package with Proven Results 

    Qualified builders are important but a project couldn't go ahead without a great team of subcontractors. We have spent many years building up a team of reliable experienced contractors to work alongside our team and complete to our high standards.  Don't waste your time trying to track down electricians,  tilers and plumbers - we  provide them and manage them all, leaving you to get on with your day job.

Still not convinced? With over 97 satisfied clients check out our projects page and customer testimonials to see for yourself why you should choose Characterise Renovations for your next project