Success Stories

Anthea Wade


"Where once I cringed when I walked by the downstairs bathroom, 
I now feel joy. I now have a bathroom in keeping with the house,
and more importantly a space that I feel proud of and love to use" 

It was a phone call from an old friend that lead me to my current house, and as clichéd as it might sound the minute I walked through the front door I knew this would become my home. The two storied townhouse, had ambience, character and the upstairs open living area captured sun throughout the day. 
Downstairs was a different matter. Just off the slate-floor entrance, hidden behind a Rimu door laid the worst bathroom I’d seen in years. Blue-grey patterned lino, a wooden boxed shower cubicle with a broken glass sliding door that reminded me of basement bathrooms in the Waiheke Island baches we rented in the 1980’s, seemed incongruous with the rest of the house. 

Terry who had done the initial repair work on the upstairs deck shortly after I purchase the house, was summons back. Knowing that I didn’t want to over-capitalise the house, he gave me some practical suggestions to get the project underway.
  As part of the project I also wanted the plumbing and downstairs windows updated.While I choose the fixtures and fittings, tiles and paint for the bathroom, I was guided by Terry’s initial suggestions. As the project got underway I was thankful for his contacts for items such as the frameless glass shower, and the windows. The result was a bathroom that meet my budget yet still looked as though it had been professionally designed.

As a woman living alone, working and unable to be at home during the day, I really appreciated Terry using the same Characterise team that worked on the first project. In the course of the project I meet both team members and third party contractors and felt that they were all trustworthy and respectful of my home environment.