About Characterise Renovations

How It All Started

In 1999, we embarked on our first major challenge as a newly married couple – buying and renovating our first home. A basic 1940's bungalow, it was the perfect size project to work on outside of our day jobs.

Even with a building background it soon became evident there was more to renovating than met the eye - a lot of planning involved, decisions to be made and inconvenience to live through. We discovered having a tap and a microwave as a kitchen for six weeks was fun only for the first day.

The project turned out to be a pivotal point in both our private and professional lives. As well as returning a 100% return on investment when sold three years later, the project brought to life the day-to-day issues of living through and within a renovation. It also highlighted the simple things that could be done to minimise the inconvenience of renovation.

Using this experience Gill and I had some basic business philosophies mapped out when I went into business in 2001:


Auckland Renovation    Turn up on time                Auckland Renovation       Do what you say    

Auckland Renovation    Communicate often          Auckland Renovation        Respect your client



These basic philosophies have been the building blocks for growing and expanding our business over the past 15 years to over 94 happy customers and are still fundamental principles today.


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