Phase 3 Reconstruction: This could take awhile...

Characterise_Renovations_reconstruction.jpgOnce the dust has settled and we are left with a 'blank canvas' its time to start putting things back together again. Time for some Characterise Renovations precision to make sure everything lines up.

Working in a concrete building is quite different to our usual character renovations.  Usually there is a timber floor we are working with, occassionally an addition may have a concrete floor. But never are we surrounded in concrete - external walls, underfloor, inbetween levels.  Here we are upstairs in the penthouse - the bitumen is gone, now we are re-laying a nice level floor.




Characterise_Renovations_penthouse_reconstruction.jpgStill upstairs in the penthouse, the walls are now nicely framed for insulation.  This room was extremely hot in the summer and cold in the winter - those nice little squares will be filled shortly with quality insulation!








Characterise_Renovations_-_plumb_ceilings.jpgYou may wonder what this is?  It is a low tech, highly effective method of nails and string to find a plumb line and ensure our nice new ceilings are perfectly level - so simple.  Well done apprentice Matt!







Characterise_Renovations_bathroom.jpgAnother floor you say?  This is for the bathroom, one day it will have a beautiful flooring surface but look at the work beneath - solid framing, detailed cut outs and many pipes!