Phase 1 Acess: How do we attack this project?

Most of our projects are single level - we are often adding a basement or a second storey but generally we start at  ground  level.  An apartment renovation, two storeys off street level and several storeys above the actual ground was going to provide some challenges.  Add some gnarly corners and shared commonways...


Parnell_access_Characterise_Renovations.jpgA second storey apartment - access was always going to be an issue!  The sharp bend in the common stairwell was going to be a challenge for the extra long steel beams... but I like the thoughtful cover on the stairwell carpet, this will unpeel at the end of the project leaving sparking clean carpet.





Parnell_Scaffold_Characterise_Renovations.jpg Luckily at Characterise Renovations we  are creative types.  A scaffold was built, 300kg steel beams craned to the top, popped through the landing and through their front door.  Genius!






Parnell_narrow_Characterise_Renovations.jpgOh no don't tell me more access issues!

This stairwell goes from the main apartment level to the penthouse room which was a later addition to the rooftop.  The foot shows how narrow this stairwell is,and it also contains two 90 degree corners.  Hmmm, keep working on it guys!